You can have heard of wooden flare or suar wood diniong table

You can have heard of wooden flare or suar wood diniong table ? Or maybe you’re presently seeking out that timber so one can make furnishings products?

Suar timber or additionally called wooden trembesi and meh is the name for the same wooden, wooden flares are alternative wooden is quite exact and inexpensive than the teak wood.
What is wooden suar, trembesi and meh?

Approximately suar wooden furniture, this timber comes from the genus albizia, this form of timber can grow quicker than the wood furnishings cloth lainya circle of a completely large tree up to 5 meters with a mean height of 20 m to 30 m. In indonesia this wooden can be located from several regions at the island of java, sumatra, sulawesi, maluku and nusa tenggara.

Every vicinity referred to as this wooden with one of a kind designation as in most people usually call it as wood trembesi, namu in bali known as as wood flare, in jogja munggur wooden in jepara kayu meh and historical human beings name it joko keset wooden due to its size large and appears now not tidy.

Despite the fact that every so often our humans tend to decide upon fixtures made from teak wooden, however fixtures made from wooden trembesi could be very appealing within the export market for furniture made from trembesi wood may be very specific, similarly to wood fibers and styles just like wooden teak wood also can be completing natural without color so it seems a beautiful combination of brown and white

Similarly to the beautiful patterns and textures of the furnishings made from wood trembesi has a thick and massive size functions, and minimal connection, despite the fact that at the leaves of the table with a diameter of one hundred cm and length more than 3 meters although. Giving upward thrust to a natural and specific impression on meh timber fixtures. Hi that is because except it meh has wood massive length so that can freely wooden furniture craftsmen meh make strong fixtures with out connection. Timber trembesi with a thickness of below 3 cm is likewise without problems curved.
Feature of trembesi timber

The suar wooden used on this suar wood eating table has its own characteristics, maximum of jepara furniture merchandise and furnishings that use trembesi wooden has thick thickness of wood, due to the fact the robustness and power is one of the characteristics of this wood, recently wooden trembesi became the goal of the fixtures hunters, so a few of the incoming orders to order this furniture product.

As a furniture manufacturer we additionally have some of merchandise other than teak furnishings, one among which we are able to speak this time, this is timber flare, yes wooden suar timber is of a length large sufficient and frequently we see a eating desk or meeting desk manufactured from flare wooden itself, have you ever ever visible or heard of timber flare? Sure suar timber is synonymous with fixtures this is big sufficient, with beautiful fibers and herbal finshing can enhance the best of the suar timber itself.

Why Choose Suar Wood Furniture ?

1) We take pleasure in our Craft. Hand-finished in Singapore.

Herman furnishings opened its doors to clients in 2012. Ever seeing that then, we have been the proud vendor of a number of the most brilliant solid wooden Slab dining Tables in Singapore. Our furnishings is cautiously completed regionally by means of the deft arms of our grasp carpenters to ensure top-notch great in each inch of our product.

2) Customization. We want you to have manipulate over how your furniture seems.

including on to the precise-ness of your dining desk, we additionally offer you the most precise mixture that you have usually preferred – a party of timber slab desk pinnacle with custom fabricated metallic legs. adding on to that, we permit for personalisation of the length and top of your table too.

3) unequalled warranty time period and after income aid.

We offer a one-time reparation of any cracks that would arise, and this service is extended throughout the existence of the table, which would be a really sincerely long time! As your timber slab desk is a dwelling item, it has a tendency to “flow” in line with the conditions of its environment. This motion may be an ongoing manner till it has absolutely acclimatised with its surrounding, thereby ceasing its motion.

4) highest excellent on the most aggressive pricing. No fancy showroom, stores, intermediary.

We control each single aspect of manufacturing our suar wood furniture, making sure that charge is saved at a minimal and nice is stored on the most excellent. proper from the point while we hand select each piece at its source, to lacquering it proper here in Singapore, to the secure transport of your piece at your home. this is how we keep our low fees, by slicing out the middlemen.

5) beauty isn’t always left to threat. pick out out your favorite piece right at our showroom.
every unmarried piece of our timber slabs is hand picked via us. constantly well stocked with hundreds of wooden slabs in numerous dimensions at our warehouse. forget about about eight to twelve weeks waiting time. just 2 to 3 weeks for us at hand-finish your piece to perfection.

Suar Wood Furniture And Slab

Suar Wood Furniture And Slab – SUAR timber fixtures is an exciting new addition to our range of beautiful suar wood furnishings. Suar wooden tree is also called Albizia Saman or Monkeypod, that is a massive tropical rain tree which could reach up to heights of 25m. characterized by means of its umbrella canopy, the tree certainly creates an insulated, cool weather under its thick, leafy branches.

while suar wood furniture appealing end is appealing to artisans and developers, its unique grain texture makes it specifically desirable for carving and a great desire for dressmaker tables.

The wood does an terrific activity at preserving moisture and not drying out, especially while it’s far properly taken care of. while thinking about its hardiness and hanging wooden grains, Suar timber makes a fitting desire for considerable desk tops like convention tables and dining tables. however, it isn’t always constrained to large table tops as its stunning wood figure makes it befitting as an first rate centerpiece in any operating or residing space.

We also offer Gazebo and Teak furnishings is special fixtures for you, also we produce conventional furnishings , antique furnishings. and Suar wood furniture Welcome to Importer furnishings, save fixtures, Contractor furnishings and retail or personal buyer furniture.

every so often, the first-rate dressmaker is yourself, many of kidin furniture’s pieces are designed by using the clients themselves. Being a fixtures residence that gives notably customizable pieces, we can personalise your fixtures almost as a ways as your imagination can stretch. different instances, our wooden experts at Herman furnishings can propose you on a way to gain the appropriate timber fixtures that you had been searching high and occasional for.

choosing out the appropriate piece of stable wood table top is just step one in shopping for your solid wooden dining desk at Herman furnishings. From then on, the sort of legs which you choose to in shape together with your solid wooden table pinnacle determines the form of appearance that your dining table will eventually have. opportunities to designing your clothier eating table is endless: cutting-edge design – stable suar wooden top completed in a sleek topcoat, paired with a polished stainless-steel legs. commercial design – Freeform Tamarind wood pinnacle completed in a matt topcoat and coupled with a hairline finish stainless-steel legs.

Or traditional design – live-aspect suar timber pinnacle finished in a matt topcoat paired with black powder-covered legs.

We additionally specialise in many different forms of raw wooden pieces, such as tree stumps, log benches, log stools, uncooked timber decorative pieces, and wood art sculptures. those portions are all one-of-a-kind as properly, almost impossible to copy.

Suar Wooden Furniture

suar wood furniture dining table

Suar Wooden Furniture The Majestic “Rain Tree” – Suar wooden tree, also called Albizia Saman or Monkeypod, is a big tropical rain tree which could grow as much as heights of 25m. characterized by means of its umbrella cover, the tree evidently creates an insulated, cool weather under its thick, leafy branches.

suar wood furniture dining table

due to its crisscrossed interlocking grains, Suar timber is resistant to cracking from wood movement and is exceedingly sought-after for its robustness. moderately heavy but extraordinarily sturdy, Suar timber is rather proof against decay and dry-wooden termites. these traits make Suar wood relatively beneficial in excellent fixtures making as compared to other woods.

when thinking about its hardiness and hanging timber grains, Suar wood furniture makes a fitting preference for giant table tops like conference tables and dining tables. but, it is not limited to significant desk tops as its lovely wood figure makes it befitting as an notable centrepiece in any running or living space.


SUAR wooden CARE

even as Suar timber’s appealing end is attractive to artisans and builders, its unique grain texture makes it in particular ideal for carving and a perfect preference for fashion designer tables. The wooden does an extraordinary process at keeping moisture and no longer drying out, specifically while it is properly looked after. Herman furniture makes positive that our Suar timber is of top high-quality and best requires primary maintenance (water and slight soap) to hold its grandeur.


The Albizia Saman species has a conservation popularity of G5 – Globally, the Albizia Saman is tremendous, plentiful and is in no hazard of extinction.


Specialties when it comes to unique luxury furniture, the original cane chair is a unique rattan chair and gives a charming aura of luxury to a house occupied by natural rattan chairs. Some buyers are quite satisfied with the original rattan kuri with quality tested, both durability and processing

For those who do not know our company certainly comes the question why to buy from here. It’s something natural and humane. Therefore here we will tell you some reasons why we deserve your main choice when buying furniture made from rattan.
1. Hold All Weather (Weather Resistance)

Each of our company’s rattan products is set to be waterproof, ultraviolet-resistant and resistant to fade so it can be worn both outside and indoors.
2. Product Durability

In order for durable and durable products, our company always uses the framework for quality indonesian rattan furniture. Durability of termites, elastic, moss resistant and mold are some of the advantages of our furniture products. Not only that, the resulting furniture was elegant impression and easy to take care of him.
3. Design

Various designs of quality and unique rattan furniture have been designed and manufactured here at
4. Prioritize Comfort

Armed with years of experience, the company fully understands how comfort is one of the most important factors to be considered when designing and producing synthetic rattan furniture.
5. Environmentally Friendly

Each of our furniture products use synthetic rattan material made from Hi Density Polytilen. This material is recognized one hundred percent capable of being recycled. For coloring, we use organic and non-organic color pigments all friendly to the environment. Therefore we guarantee that every product is free from various heavy metal content such as lead, chromium and cadmium. Our table and basket products are very safe when used to put food.

Rattan Synthetic Furniture always offer goods with very low cost but can give you the best offer, like we give offer to our friends because we have flexible policy to costumer, that is with complete set system of house, restaurant, hotel and other etc. Retail furniture stores often markup very high prices, due to adjustments to other costs that are not available to us.

indonesian rattan furniture

indonesian rattan furniture minimalist model cheap price – Rattan, as one of material raw material, its existence is very important for rattan furniture industry including furniture. In addition to multi-use, rattan is also known to have many types ranging from rattan core, peel rattan, koobo rattan and fitrit rattan. As a result, the need for rattan is increasingly increasing. The high demand for rattan furniture and rattan furniture both domestically and abroad is a testament to that.

Currently, indonesian rattan furniture are experiencing rapid growth. Both products are recognized to have many enthusiasts both personal and business. In addition to furnishings at home, rattan furniture is also used as a synthetic rattan chair sofa or bamboo chair in cafes, restaurants, apartments and resorts. For example we often see beach chairs or pool chairs made of synthetic rattan.

Before being used as a material of both rattan furniture and rattan furniture, every rattan must be processed as well as possible to be durable, strong and beautiful. The flexible nature of rattan is considered its own advantage in the rattan furniture and rattan furniture industry. This flexibility is what makes the rattan finally used as the making of patio chairs, guest chairs, dining chairs, beds, partition room, chairlift or rattan swing and other synthetic rattan furniture.

We are a special rattan furniture company located in Jepara, Central Java. We have made various rattan products ranging from guest tables and chairs, dining tables and chairs, recliner chairs and other synthetic rattan-based products. As for the design for each of these rattan products we always adjust to the needs of the customers. We also often send our quality products to major cities in Indonesia, we have sent synthetic rattan chairs to Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and other big cities.

In addition to carefully selecting materials, all our furniture products are always unique in character. This is because the rattan products are made and produced with the hands of rattan craftsmen experienced, skilled and have high aesthetic value. Moreover, all supported a series of quality control that includes framing, coloring to finishing and packing.

Sofa Rattan Furniture Synthetic

To help those looking for indonesian rattan furniture including rattan chair sofas, our company often offers special offers. If there are potential buyers who want to make a wholesale purchase for example, the company will always provide its own policies that are flexible and can be negotiated. This policy also applies to those who want to buy a complete set of furniture for homes, hotels, villas, restaurants and so forth.

Contact :

Jual Sofa Rotan Sintetis Murah Hubungi 0896 3583 6633

Teras Sofa Rotan Sintetis Furnitur Jepara Minimalis berada di luar rumah tangga baik di depan rumah tangga maupun di halaman belakang belakang, dan memiliki peran penting dalam memberikan kesan yang tidak biasa pada setiap keluarga.

Kursi teras adalah perabotan awal yang mereka pikirkan saat mengunjungi keluarga sehingga juga kursi geladak dapat menjadi trade show kesan awal seseorang yang awalnya datang ke keluarga Anda.

Bagi penghuni rumah tangga, Kursi Rotan Kursi Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara adalah usaha yang menyenangkan karena dapat menikmati emansipasi udara, sinar matahari atau angin segar sambil menikmati minuman atau makanan ringan.

Tapi dalam memilih Sofa Rotan Sintetis Minimalis Jepara harus hati-hati memperhatikan teka-teki durabilitas material terhadap cuaca. Kita harus menunjukkan kursi geladak dengan maksud kuat untuk cuaca di luar apakah terik, lembab atau basah, kelas yang umumnya sesuai dan tepat adalah Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara.

Baca lebih lanjut: Harga Kursi Rotan Sintetis Teras Murah 2017

Kursi Rotan Kursi Sintetis Minimalis Jepara cara terampil harus tahan air baik bahan utama, bingkai, dan padalannya. Memilih rotan atau rotan palsu sebagai kursi beranda adalah ukuran yang tepat, karena ini adalah bahan tahan cuaca dan sembrono.

Perlengkapan pendukung kursi teras seperti meja dek dapat ditemukan dalam keadaan bugar atau dibeli secara tidak terkoneksi, sehingga Anda dapat menyesuaikan laporan keuangan dan interval yang tidak terisi. Untuk masalah laporan keuangan, kursi dek berbiaya rendah memilah tidak berarti tidak bisa ditimbulkan dengan keindahan dan daya tahan prima.

Anda bisa menunjukkan berbagai kursi dan meja dek rotan berbiaya murah untuk perabotan keluarga Anda dengan biaya rendah. Kami selanjutnya mengakui instruksi dan menghasilkan kursi dan meja dek pro resor, hotel, atau apartemen yang sesuai.

Barang-barang manufaktur ini kami proses dari para pengrajin terus terang di kota Jepara kami dan dibuat oleh personil kami yang dapat diandalkan dan berkualitas di padang rumput mereka.
Susunan Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara

Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara Minimalis JeparaRumah Anda pasti membutuhkan perabot atau furnitur untuk menunjang keindahan rumah tangga, sudah menjadi pro penting setiap keluarga atau pondok dan gedung apartemen.

Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara menjadi skala yang sesuai dengan Anda, terbungkus rotan palsu berwarna putih atau lainnya, masuk ke rumah tangga bernuansa tropis dan elegan, Anda akan sampai ke tempat tinggal Anda agar diubah menjadi lebih nyaman dari sebelumnya.
Harga Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara

Produk Sofa Rotan Sintetis Teras Minimalis Jepara yang unik ini kami tawarkan kepada anda dengan biaya Murah sesuai dengan kualitas furnitur yang kami pasang, biayanya kami berani bersaing dengan perusahaan dagang lain dan kualitas jalannya.

Dengan biaya berbiaya rendah ini Anda bisa membuat barang-barang manufaktur rotan Jepara pertama ini. Anda akan membuat biaya yang prima dibanding furnitur ekspor di supermarket lalu masuk, karena bisakah anda mengulanginya ?? Karena kita naik ke kerajinan mebel rotan Jepara bekerjasama dengan perajin Sofa Rotan Minimalis sehingga biaya kita tentu lebih murah dan kualitas furnitur Jepara tidak diragukan lagi.

Tidak Perlu Keraguan Ingin Konstruksi, Hasil Rotan dan Finishing. Karena Kami Hanya Menggunakan Produk Material Dan Komponen Produksi Terbaik.
Pembayaran Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara

Kami akan menjelaskan bagaimana memesan furnitur di tumpukan, uang muka atau uang muka 50% dari keseluruhan barang yang kami terima dari barang + ongkos kirim, pembayaran uang muka 50% paling banyak 3 hari dengan perjanjian (harus termasuk tahan air untuk transfer) sebagai tanda.

Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara Minimalis Jepara

Proses pembuatan barang sejak dimulainya proses sampai sekarat sehingga secara permanen kita akan memberitahukan statusnya kepada Anda. Kecelakaan penuh, point foto pesanan akan dikirim saat barang diperlengkapi untuk dikirim.

50% pembayaran kelaparan harus dilunasi hingga 3 hari dengan pemberitahuan barang jadi kepada anda. Jadi Anda bisa menonton dengan maksud pesanan Anda sebenarnya diproduksi. Proses produksi Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara memakan waktu sekitar 2 minggu. Setelah barang jadi tersisa lebih dari 50% dilunasi kembali dan barang dilengkapi untuk dikirim.
Pengiriman Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Minimalis Jepara

Kursi Kursi Rotan Kursi Teras Sintetis Jepara Minimalis dibuat dengan ekspedisi masyarakat Jepara (Truk atau kontainer jika memesan banyak), kami dilengkapi untuk dilemparkan ke manapun kota anda berada. Di dalam cara berbicara ini kami melibatkan pembuatan barang kemasan yang diketahui dengan kemasan kertas tebal dan tak diragukan lagi aman pro barang-barang manufaktur Kursi Rotan Teras Sintetis Jepara Minimalis yang Anda cita-citakan.

Kami memilah-milah Produk kami tidak menonjol, tapi orang yang mengatakannya

Sofa Kursi Teras Rotan Minimalis

Sofa Kursi Teras Rotan Minimalis – Bukankah anda ingin mendapatkan kenyamanan saat sedang duduk beristirahat sambil membaca buku atau hanya sekedar minum kopi bersama istri atau keluarga anda ? kursi teras rotan minimalis sebuah produk dari yang saat ini menjadi salah produk yang paling diminiati, di produksi oleh pengrajin yang sudah professional dan berpengalaman untuk mendapatkan kualitas produk yang memuaskan, produk furniture kursi teras rotan ini terbuat dari rotan baik itu rotan alami dan sintetis.

Pada dasarnya memilih sofa rotan sintetis bukanlah hanya sekedar memilih saja namun ada bererapa hal yang harus di perhatikan seperti kualitas dari bahan dasar , nilai seni yang di dapat dan pastinya nyaman untuk di gunakan, jangan sampai salah untuk memilih kursi teras rotan minimalis , untuk kenyamanan anda layak mendapatkan yang terbaik. Dengan harga yang terjangkau anda tidak usah kawatir untuk membeli produk di website utama kami

Selain dari fungsi utama sebagai tempat duduk kursi teras rotan minimalis ini juga sangat cocok untuk melengkapi tatanan teras anda dan pastinya dapat memperindah teras rumah anda. Bukan hanya sekedar tempat duduk biasa namun kursi teras rotan minimalis ini nyaman di gunakan karena menggunakan bantalan yang empuk dan nyaman untuk digunakan untuk bersantai, sehingga memberikan kenyaman pada saat anda mendudukinya.

Produksi kursi teras rotan minimalis

Lama pengerjaan kursi teras rotan minimalis ini kisaran antara 2-3 minggu paling lambat sampai dengan finishing , di kerjakan oleh pengrajin yang sudah berpengalaman. Kursi rotan minimalis ini kami buat pre order, kenapa kami buat pre order,? Karena kami ingin memberi anda barang baru bukan barang yang sudah lama. dalam satu set kursi rotan minimalis ini ada 4 kursi dan 1 meja bundar, bahan dasar yang di gunakan Frame rotan , synthetic wicker 6mm Grade III .

Harga Set Sofa Rotan Sintetis Murah

Set kursi sofa tamu jati mewah tersebut memang jika dilihat mempunyai kelas barang mewah yang harganya sangat mahal. Ternyata tidak kursi tamu tersebut dijual dengan sangat murah yaitu Rp. 7.500.000,-. Hanya dengan harga semurah itu snda dapat mendapatkan kursi tamu jati kualitas terbaik.

Cara pemesanan kursi teras rotan minimalis

Untuk mendapatkan kursi rotan minimalis ini sangat mudah Anda cukup menghubungi cs kami di 0896 3583 6633 atau bisa melalui email pemesanan kami di .


Anyaman Rotan Sintetis, Rotan Sintetis

Saat kita bepergian ke tempat keramaian seperti Mall, Kafe, Restoran maupun saat berkesempatan untuk menikmati liburan menginap di Hotel atau Resort yang jauh dari Rumah bersama keluarga, kita sering menemukan penggunaan furniture rotan berbahan sintetis menghiasi interior diberbagai tempat tersebut.

Keberadaan maupun penggunaan Furniture Rotan Sintetis bukan hanya dilihat dari segi desain yang sangat menarik maupun telah mengikuti perkembangan jaman. Ketertarikan berbagai pihak industri & property dalam menggunakan Furniture Rotan Sintetis juga disebabkan dari segi fleksibelitas dan efisiensi. Dalam hal ini sering dijadikan sebagai dasar penggunaan oleh kalangan dunia usaha karena keunggulan Furniture Rotan Sintetis yang memiliki karakter seperti: Ringan, Kuat, Tahan Lama dan Mudah dibersihkan dengan harga terjangkau.

Keunggulan-keunggulan yang terdapat pada Furniture Sofa Rotan Sintetis tersebut tidak serta merta menjadi keunggulan yang merata pada setiap Furniture Rotan Sintetis yang kerap kita temui dimana-mana, mengingat saat ini banyak sekali penawaran-penawaran yang mengandalkan kata Jual Sofa Furniture Murah tentunya bahan baku yang digunakan perlu dipertanyakan kualitas & mutunya. Penggunaan & pemilihan bahan dasar anyaman rotan sintetis merupakan factor kunci dari seluruh keunggulan yang terdapat pada Furniture Rotan Sintetis tersebut.

Saat ini terdapat dua bahan plastik yang banyak digunakan untuk membuat rotan sintetis, Polyethilene dan Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Keduanya adalah bahan plastik, bedanya polyethilene lebih aman daripada PVC. Bahan kedua ini akan mengeluarkan zat beracun melalui asap, saat terbakar. Sayangnya untuk membedakan kedua bahan ini cukup sulit, karena tampilannya terlihat serupa. Salah satu cara yang dapat kita lakukan adalah dengan sangat selektif dalam memilih produsen rotan sintetis atau produksi furniture rotan yang sudah memiliki reputasi yang baik. Selain itu, ongkos produksi rotan berbahan PVC lebih murah sehingga harga jualnya pun lebih murah dibandingkan rotan sintetis yang baik.

Berikut adalah panduan informasi yang membedakan Keunggulan Furniture Rotan dari segi penggunaan bahan baku anyaman rotan sintetis dan sebagainya:

:: Anyaman berbahan dasar PVC

:: Lebih Tipis

:: Warna cepat pudar / kusam

:: Tanpa UV Protection yang memadai

:: Tanpa Color Guard yang memadai

:: Harga lebih murah

:: Bahan anyaman mudah Putus / Getas

Sedangkan Furniture Rotan Sintetis yang berkualitas memiliki keunggulan:

:: Anyaman berbahan dasar POLYETHYLENE (PE)

:: Lebih Tebal

:: Warna cerah dan tidak mudah pudar / kusam

:: Memiliki UV Protection

:: Anti Oksidan

:: Anti Static

:: Memiliki Color Guard

:: Sangat Elastis & Fleksibel

:: Sangat kuat dan tidak mudah Putus

:: Dari segi Harga sangat Reasonable dengan berbagai keunggulan didalamnya.

Secara kasat mata, agak sulit untuk membedakan mana furniture yang menggunakan bahan baku rotan sintetis berkualitas dengan yang tidak di berbagai toko furniture yang memiliki koleksi katalog produk kursi rotan sintetis atau produk rotan lainnya. anda dapat mengetahuinya dengan melakukan uji tarik pada bahan bakur rotan sintetis yang digunakan pada setiap furniture rotan sintetis yang digunakan seperti pada sofa modern, kursi teras, kursi rotan minimalis dan sebagainya yang terdapat pada berbagai toko furniture Jakarta dan kota lainnya di Indonesia.

Jangan terburu napsu atau tergiur dengan berbagai penawaran Jual Sofa Murah atau furniture murah sebelum anda mengetahui dengan pasti bahan baku rotan sintetis yang digunakan. Pastikan anda memperoleh furniture rotan sintetis yang mengutamakan penggunaan bahan baku berkualitas & bermutu tinggi berkualitas Hotel & Resort Berbintang dengan HARGA RUMAHAN!

HUBUNGI 0896 3583 6633 /

Produk Sofa Rotan Sintetis Termurah


Model kursi tamu rotan sintetis minimalis ini merupakan model kursi tamu terbaru dengan desain yang terlihat ringan. Model kursi tamu rotan tersebut terdiri dari set 2-1-1 & 3-1-1, anda dapat memilih bahan baku rangka yang anda inginkan bisa dari kayu atau alumunium, jika anda memilih bahan kayu tentu harganya lebih murah sedangkan alumunium lebih mahal, sedangkan bahan baku rotan yang kami gunakan merupakan bahan baku rotan sintetis atau rotan plastik, rotan jenis ini mempunyai keawetan yang sangat baik, tahan terhadap berbagai macam cuaca.

Produk kursi tamu rotan plastik ini diproduksi di sentra kerajinan mebel jepara, proses pembuatan rangka, penganyaman, dan pembuatan busa dudukan semua dilakukan oleh tangan-tangan terampil perajin jepara, anda dapat mengkombinasikan furniture kursi tamu rotan tersebut dengan warna rotan dan warna busa dudukan yang anda sukai. Dengan begitu anda dapat menyesuaikan suasana ruang tamu anda dengan model kursi tamu rotan sesuai dengan warna kesukaan anda.


Model sofa rotan sintetis bulat ini mungkin hampir mirip dengan sofa minimalis retro, bentuk yang unik dan sangat eye catching menjadikan kursi  rotan unik ini banyak di buru oleh banyak orang. Sofa rotan model terbaru ini mempunyai pilihan warna rotan yang beragam, mulai dari warna putih,hitam,coklat,abu-abu, dll. sangat menarik bagi anda yang ingin mendekorasi rumah anda dengan mebel rotan yang lucu ini, kursi rotan ini pun dilengkapi dengan bantalan busa empuk yang bia anda pilih warna sesuai dengan kesenangan anda.


Produk yang kami produksi merupakan produk dengan kualitas sangat baik, banyak gudang-gudang mebel yang memesan produk furniture rotan untuk kemudian di ekspor ke negara buyer mereka. Jangan takut akan kualitas yang kami tawarkan, kwalitas terbaik merupakan suatu kebanggaan dan kewajiban kami sebagai perajin furniture kayu dan rotan berkualitas

adapun harga dari produk mebel kursi tamu rotan sintetis yang kami produksi adalah sbb :

SET KURSI TAMU ROTAN sintetis 2-1-1 :

rangka kayu : Rp. 4.500.000,-
rangka alumumium : Rp. 5.500.000,-

SET KURSI TAMU ROTAN sintetis 3-1-1 :

rangka kayu : Rp. 5.000.000,-
rangka alumumium : Rp. 6.000.000,-